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Insulated gloves

Touch Screen Gloves are made with special conductive finger tips that allows you to use tablets, IPad, and cell pones in cold work areas without removing them. Touch screen freezer gloves are made of knit cotton and have dotted PVC palms to help grip your tablet or smart phone. The knitted glove has silicon dotted palm allows you to better grip your devices. You can use these insulated touch screen capable gloves if you work in a supermarket, with inventory in a cold storage freezer. Or if you just need some warm cold storage gloves for any type of work glove with touch screen capabilities. When you must work with gloves on, having to use your phone in harsh weather conditions means risking frostbite when you have to take your gloves off to use it. These touch screen gloves ain to stop that. They are made using special conductive fingertips that let you use any cell phone or tablet without taking off the gloves. The warm gloves feature a silicon dotted palm on each one that allows for a better grip on your electronics and work tools. Sold by the pair. Size is Medium-Large