Freezer Jackets

Freezer Jackets are made of 12 ounce fill insulation made for industrial facilities that maintain frigid cold temperatures to store products or for Canada weather gear. These insulated freezer wear jackets and coats have a comfort rating of -50 degrees to keep you warm while working in walk in freezer or jobs in cold environments. We have many styles of freezer clothing for your particular use. We provide regular style blue or black freezer wear coats and jackets or high visibility insulated jackets for added safety and awareness. You can also chose from longer hooded parkas for extended coverage of the body. Freeze clothing has outer Taffeta nylon fabric that is a strong water repellent material that resist snags and tears and keep your body insulated from the cold. Walk in freezer storage buildings maintain very low temperatures depending on the items they are holding. Cold weather gear and thermal wear is required for safety and comfort when working in these areas.