Deer Skin Cold Weather Glove

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Deer Skin Cold Weather Glove is made of a soft and flexible leather material that is flexible but strong to protect and resist abrasion while staying comfortable. Deer skin leather gloves are insulated with a 100 grams of HeatLock insulation for thermal protection. The gauntlet cuff has a comfortable knit material to keep out snow and cold air draft. The palms are double stitched with synthetic leather on the finger tips and palm area for excellent gripping in wet or dry conditions. If you work in cold storage facilities or outdoors and face cold weather, these gloves are perfect for such work. Made of deerskin and spandex, this winter cold weather glove is accommodating and can conform to any hand shape or size to ensure maximum efficiency. These gloves are flexible yet strong and able to resist abrasive materials that you might encounter while at work. The 100 grams of heatock insulation provides plenty of thermal protection. The gauntlet cuffs are made with soft and comfortable knit materials that keep out the cold air and the snow. Double stitched, the palm areas offer great grip and strength, while the fingertips feature synthetic leather to assist with the gripping power. On the back, there is a reflective strip so that others can clearly see you while you are working in low light conditions. These are one our best cold weather work gloves. 

  • Deerskin and Spandex Material
  • 100 gram Insulation
  • Dual Extended Cuff
  • Reinforced Palm and Fingertips
  • Reflective Strip On Back