Cooler Wear Pants

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Insulated Work Trousers

Cooler Wear Pants have an elastic waist and snap buttons on the side legs to easily put on work boots or to take them off. Insulated work pants are made of water repellent outer Nylon fabric perfect to combat moisture and cold temperatures in coldroom, cold storage freezers, and supermarket coolers. Insulated clothing cooler wear trouser have 7 oz high loft Pac polyester fiber insulation for -15 degrees protection. If you work in Florida or Miami floral warehouses and are looking for a light weight and unisex style cold temperature cooler wear pants for both men and women than give us a try.

  • Blue Color
  • Water repellent Nylon fabric
  • -15 degrees cold room protection
  • 7 oz High Loft Hollofil Pac Insulation
  • Elastic waist 
  • Knit ankle cuffs to prevent wind draft
  • 2 side pockets